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GARY AND CINDY RENARD are coming to New Orleans to deliver a workshop with Gary Arnold, Sat. February 19th, 2011.  See the details and reserve your spot today!!!!                                          


for 2011 


                Miracle Mindedness as True Perception


               A one day, New Orleans workshop,

              Sat. Feb 19th from 9 AM until 6:16 PM

               with Gary Renard and Gary Arnold 

                 with Special music by Cindy Lora-Renard



                 Miracle Mindedness as True Perception

               with GARY RENARD AND GARY ARNOLD

pecial music with Cindy Lora-Renard


One day Workshop Cost $74.00, or attend by web broadcast for $99.    Visa, MC, AMEX, DIS, PayPal, 

CALL 800-472-1320 pay by credit card and reserve your seat.  Or go to www.windhorse.org

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Location:  New Orleans Airport Hilton/Doubletree, 2150 Veterans Blvd, Kenner, LA. 70062

Registration begins at 8AM, Workshop from 9AM to 6:15.  Lunch is included.
To make your hotel room reservations at the New Orleans Airport Doubletree call 504-467-3111 or go to www.neworleansairport.doubletree.com and mention the Healing and Release From Fear workhop.  

F more details workshop details go to www.windhorse.org

with Gary Arnold

Saturday, February 14th, 2010
10 am to 12 noon
Unity Church of Metairie, 3302 Richland Ave., Suite 2A, Metairie, LA 70002

Unity Church of Metairie
3302 Richland Ave., Suite 2A
Metairie, LA 70002

 Since 1973 Gary has been hosting talks communicating the message of nonduality in the traditions of A Course In Miracles, Advaita, Zen, Dzogchen, Taoism, and Mahamudra.  These meetings are talks about love, peace, and contentment.  We talk about awareness, the mind, reality and illusion.  We talk about relationship, consciousness, self-realization and enlightenment.  We turn to the heart and to our own direct experience and away from theory, text, scripture, specualtion, and mind.  Questions are welcomed.

 We keep it real and we keep it simple.  

 Meetings are recorded, filmed, publicly rebroadcast and sold on audio, CD, video and DVD by Windhorse Corporation.  These Satsangs are re-broadcast free on Internet Radio on www.miraclecourse.com.


is free and open to the public.

All are welcome.  Since 1973 Gary has been hosting talks communicating the message of nonduality in the traditions of A Course In Miracles, Advaita, Zen, Dzogchen, Taoism, and Mahamudra. 

These meetings are talks about love, peace, and contentment.  We talk about awareness, the mind, reality and illusion.  We talk about relationship, consciousness, self-realization and enlightenment.  We turn to the heart and to our own direct experience and away from theory, text, scripture, specualtion, and mind. 

Questions are welcomed.

Saturday, February 14th, 10 am to 12 noon
Unity Church of Metairie
3302 Richland Ave., Suite 2A
Metairie, LA 70002
504-885-7575 Unity Church
504-251-3279 Gary Arnold

Undoing the Ego
with A Course in Miracles,
with Dr. Gary Arnold
Saturday, March. 21st., 2009,  10 AM to Noon.
Join us at the 618 Center, 618 City Park Ave,
Saturday, March 18th, 10 AM to Noon. 
 For more info go to www.miraclecourse.com and see the 'upcoming workshops' page, or call 504-251-3279. 
Gary's presentations are known for being filled with humor, warmth, depth, and insight. 
He combines a lifetime of study and teaching of the Course, Vedanta, psychology, and meditation practices
to help you move forward on your life's path with fearless intention.
"Consciousness is your only capital.  Yet your ego is like a thief in the vault. 
It hides your true sense of being, your knowledge of the present, your consciousness self-awareness, your spirit of truth."                                                                                                                                                           g.n. arnold

* Pinpoint your fears, doubts, conflicts and pain and learn how to release them.
* Discover the power of forgiveness and how peace is realized.
* Remove the blocks that keep you bound from experincing unconditional love, peace and presence.
* Learn how to release the attraction of anger, guilt and fear.
Undoing the Ego is a two hour workshop, designed by Gary Arnold. This workshop explores the nature of the ego and its undoing. 
Ego is a superimposition that obscures recognition of the True Self.  Ego is the root cause of suffering.  Until the Self is remembered,
we belief incorrectly that we are the ego. We accept our thinking mind, our sense of lack and limitation, suffering, our identification
as our body, and being a victim of our environment, as a fact. 
The workshop gives participants simple steps to find a view of the True Self, seen as Source of and fulfillment of the "I Am" that we are. 
In that realization is the fulfillment of our search for union with God, peace, and wholeness.
Gary's workshops are filmed and recorded by Windhorse Corp. for resale, public reboadcast, audio CD, and DVD's.  Some are re-boadcast
on the internet on www.miraclecourse.com
Undoing the Ego with A Course in Miracles
with Dr. Gary Arnold
618 City Park Ave,
New Orleans, LA
10 am to 12 noon
Saturday, March 18th, 2009
For more information call:
504-251-3279 or see
Dr Gary Arnold:
Author of Radical Enlightenment for the CEO, and a popular translation of the Tao Te Ching, Gary has authored 11 books, over a dozen
 videos, and more than 50 audio CD programs. He has a new DVD, Enlightenment and A Course in Miracles, currently in production.
This workshop, Undoing the Ego,  was the result of  Gary's class on A Course in Miracles, in New Orleans. His Thursday night weekly ACIM class
 has been going on continuously for over 21 years, making it one of the longest, continuously given by the same facilitatior, ACIM classes in America.
This workshop on Undoing the Ego is a profoundly practical and transformational program that clearly defines "the blocks to the awareness of
 love's presence",  undoing the ego's grasp, and recognizing unconditional love.
Gary has shared this dynamic message worldwide.  For more information visit www.miraclecourse.com.
The workshop is free and open to the public.

Creating Healing
In Everyday Life

A Guide To Understanding

Spiritual Healing

By Dr. Gary Arnold

Saturday, May 16th, 7 PM to 9 PM, Unity Church, 3303 Richland Ave., Metairie LA 70006.   Telephone: 504-885-7575 (Press 2 for directions) and 504-888-1320

The Creating Healing In Everyday Life workshop by Dr. Gary Arnold is free and open to the public; (A love offering of $20 to The Unity Church is suggested.) See www.MiracleCourse.comfor further details.

  ... your opportunity to self-heal and extend healing 
                                                        self-diagnose spirit,
                                                  self-direct intention,
                                           self-honor ability,
                                      and self-love.

The Creating Healing In Everyday Life workshop is a 2-hour training that consists of:

1.     An Introduction to healing, being healed, and being a conduit for healing

2.     One Problem, One Solution

3.     The Ego's World of Denial and Projection

4.     Causes of Disease, Illness, Fear, Suffering, Anger, Attack and Lack

5.     Healing Ourselves

6.     Asking for Help

7.     Healing Others

8.     Being the Cause and being Aware of the Effect

9.     Clearing the energy field of the mind and entering Spiritual self-healing

10.Development of Spiritual visualization and sensory techniques to heal relationships

11.Practice and develop Spiritual healing energy techniques

12.Rebalancing the Mind and reawakening the Awareness of the Spirit energy field

13.Emotional, physical, social, and financial Healing

14.Awakening and re-joining our primary reality as Spirit

15.Choosing to be a healer

16.Applying A Course In Miracles ® teachings to sickness, healing, forgiveness and prayer

The Course says, "The process of psychotherapy, then, can be defined simply as forgiveness, for no healing can be anything else. The unforgiving are sick, believing they are unforgiven. The hanging-on to guilt, its hugging-close and sheltering, its loving protection and alert defense, -- all this is but the grim refusal to forgive ........ Healing occurs as a patient begins to hear the dirge he sings, and questions its validity. Until he hears it, he cannot understand that it is he who sings it to himself. To hear it is the first step in recovery."    From Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice. P-2.VI.1 (Supplement toA Course in Miracles ®)

Creating Healing

In Everyday Life

A Guide To


Spiritual Healing

By Dr. Gary Arnold

See www.MiracleCourse.com  or blog.miraclecourse.com for further details.

This workshop is open to anyone who wishes to gain deeper insight into the art of spiritual self-development and spiritual healing practices. The Creating Healing In Everyday Life workshop will give you the opportunity to work on yourself and reach a deeper level of understanding of your inner dimension and healing power.  

Participants learn to release stagnant energy, surrender self-imposed limited beliefs, and release the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence.   The workshop focuses on replacing ego with fresh revitalizing Spirit Energy to bring about better functioning as a conduit between Spirit and matter.

Pythagoras said, "The most divine art was that of healing."  Apollonius of Tayana said, "If the healing art is most divine, it must occupy itself with the soul as well as the body; for no creature can be sound so long as the higher part in it is sickly."

The Creating Healing In Everyday Lifeworkshop will help you and your loved ones live a healthier, spirit-filled life.   Dr. Gary Arnold explores the healing principles outlined by A Course In Miracles® .   Included are many inspirational stories of people who have successfully used this method to reactivate their healing ability, and regain their spiritual, mental and physical health after loss, illness or injury.  

Dr. Gary Arnold's inspiration for The Creating Healing In Everyday Life workshop comes from his twenty-two year study and teaching of A Course in Miracles®. Gary's newest book, How To Get To Heaven In 21 Days Or Less can also be read as an introduction to A Course in Miracles®, especially with regard to its teachings on sickness, healing, forgiveness and prayer.  

Choosing to be a healer, teaches Dr. Arnold, comes with serious spiritual and energetic demands.   Understanding this initial demand and the principles of healing is crucial prior to understanding and preparing for healing others and ourselves.

In the Creating Healing In Everyday Life workshop, author and teacher Gary Arnold shares his most valuable insights and recommendations for anyone interested in healing or being healed, health care professionals, counselors, therapists, body-workers, students of ACIM, and anyone wanting to be a conduit to heal others.

Dr. Gary Arnold presents a series of structured A Course In Miracles® training exercises, based on his 22 continuous years of teaching A Course In Miracles ®, (21 continuous years teaching ACIM weekly in Louisiana.  (This is one of the longest running, continuously given, weekly ACIM classes, taught by the same facilitator, in America.).  You too can learn to access Spirit and be a conduit for healing.  

Join us on Saturday, May 16th from 7 pm to 9 pm.  UnityChurch, 3303 Richland Ave.  Metairie, LA. The workshop is free and open to the public.       

Call 504-885-7575 (Then press 2 for directions)   or   504-888-1320.   See www.MiracleCourse.com  or blog.miraclecourse.comfor further details.
The Creating Healing in Everyday Life workshop has been recorded and is available onto CD.  Gary's newest book, 'How To Get To Heaven In 21 Days Or Less' is also availabe on CD.  The book is simultaneously released as a 4 CD set, and April 4th, 2009 will lthe CD set will launch on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Book A Million.  The book is expected to be available on Amazon and other bookstores after April 14th.  

The Creating Healing in Everyday Life workshop will be given again in at the Unity Church in the Woodlands in the spring of 2009.

In my book, The Road to Wealth and Wisdom, I ask the question, "What kind of a ruler of your life are you?  Are you good to your body, mind, soul, family and friends?  Are you responsible, and disciplined?  Are you kind and compassionate? 

Did you ever read the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?  Pirsig's journey wasn't about the trip on the bike.  It was about remembering his real self.  We are self-aware beings of Light whether we remember it or not.  We are no accident.  We are not just some blind accident of evolution, thrown on the planet just to struggle and die.  The Source in Consciousness requires that we surrender our limited beliefs (all beliefs are limited).  Letting this veil drop, we re-member and re-align ourselves with the Source and Its brilliant efficiency, boundless limiteless resources, and ingenious organizing intelligence. This intelligence is within all that is.  It is the invisible intelligent stuff that turns the planets, directs the seasons and controls the tides.  It sustains every particle in Creation, everywhere, all at once, effortlessly.  It reveals itself at the sought after "I AM". 

Everything that comes to us we choose.  Nothing in life is merely a matter of chance or accident.  What shows up follows from who we believe we are and what we take to be real.   We can always change our beliefs, effortlessly, at any time.  We are not condemned to repeat the past unless we believe we are. A better reality is always available to us. Willingness, being still, receptive imagination, love for the ideal—these are the keys to the next better version of self and world.  

The Course teaches us that Reality is rooted Identity.  All that is required for the fulfillment of anything we desire is our willingness to be what we are, to fall in love with being love and remain true to the desired version of Self, what the Course calls a Son of God.  One of its more potent and freeing tenets is that there is no version of self or life too good to believe.  Every good can be and is ours in deliberate imagination. The lessons show us how easily we can shift at the deepest levels of the mind into these ever better versions of self.  We can claim any reality in which we are willing to reside.

No matter what we are seeking, no matter what suffering  we have experienced or unrealized dreams or feeling we have hold, no matter if we are eady and restless for whatever is next, we encourage you to spend some time looking over the resources in the Course and on this site. They’ll help you explore the idea that nothing is too good to believe, to claim the best version of you that you can imagine, and to settle for nothing less.

Capacity and Capability are like the water table below the earth's surface.  I don't own it, but I can tap it.  I tap it by remembering where it is, what I am looking for, and then with my effort it sows itself through me.   
I have noticed that many students come to the Course after years of following some spiritual path or other, because they have a deep sense there is still something missing.  Sometimes the 'missing piece' shows up as a sense of  unfullfillment, or a feeling of incompletion, or even homesickness. Often, they’ve studied Goldstein, Seth, Ram Das, Science of Mind, Abraham, Chopra, Dyer, Cayce or others —and often they have studied A Course in the Miracles—but they still feel a “divine discontent.” They know there’s more.

All of these models miss what our classes on the Course understand as the essential gesture Co-Creatorship.  This is a wholehearted and undistracted immersion into the Infinite Creative Nowness for its own sake, an unconditional giving of self to the All That Is. The techniques and methods we explore are aimed at creating a desired inner shift.  This inturn alters outcomes: e.g., prosperity, romantic partnership, prosperity, or improved health. The focus is always immediately or eventually on changing the your mind- and so changing your world.   The Course is about mind training.  We recognize that conscious creating is first and last about dissolving the self (ego), about effortlessly remembering your Identity, and not about worldly conditions at all. It begins with a longing (divine discontent), not to have more, but to be more. Further, changing mindset to aquire a goal, fix a problem, struggle with aquiring new stuff or 'to do's' in order to change the world implicates us in a contradiction that all but ensures spiritual confussion. This is why we continually remind ACIM students that the aim of the course practice is alignment, not manifestation. Paradoxically, all we can create is who we are. Fortunately, this is all we need to create. The rest takes care of itself.

Caress the divine.  Kiss the details.  Hold the sky.  You are free. You are love.  You are divine. 

What my teaching passes on is not so much my words, but my breath at the moments of inspiration.  That breath was awakened before I was born.  
Gary Arnold

The following article was written for The Miracle Distribution Centers magazine, The Holy Encounter, May/June edition.

 What Matters post-Katrina is what mattered pre-Katrina, by Dr. Gary Arnold

Eight months ago I packed up a truckload of stuff from my New Orleans office, and a carload of stuff from my fiancée’s home. As was our custom during hurricane warnings, we lifted everything we had to leave behind table-high incase we got a few inches of water in the building – which is what we expected. We took pictures of how our property looked pre-storm for our insurance records. Then we drove to my home across the lake in Folsom. Folsom Louisiana is 50 miles north of New Orleans.

As we arrived so did our ‘guests’ who were evacuating from their homes in New Orleans. My home has been a resource to hurricane evacuees before. There are two reasons for this; one - because my house is on a hill 65 feet higher than the city road, and two -my home has 14" thick steel reinforced concrete walls. It feels safe when the wind blows.

By the time Hurricane Katrina hit the next day, August 29th, we had 18 people staying with us. And the wind did blow. I played the piano for entertainment as we huddled together in a couple of rooms and watched outside as the trees blew, bent over and then broke away. We listened to the TV and radio for what was happening in New Orleans. We knew it was a direct hit. Then we heard a loud crack as a nearby tree broke and the power in the house went out. The 20 horsepower John Deer generator didn’t kick in. The house was without electricity. We looked out the window on the side of the house and saw a large pine tree had landed squarely in the middle of the shed directly on the generator. Our home would not have electricity again for another 45 days.

All tolled, about 400 trees fell on my Folsom property. My home and barn were spared. It took four of us with chainsaws two days to saw our way out of the driveway onto the city road. The town roadway leading out of the property wasn’t passable by car for another three days.

My New Orleans office and my fiancée’s New Orleans home were 6 blocks away from the now infamous break in the 17th Street Canal. All the properties in the neighborhood received 10 ½ feet of floodwater. Eight months have passed since the storm and we are just this week able to start gutting out the house and the office. We doubt we will rebuild.

Half the people that stayed with us had homes and offices that received extensive damage.

When people and entire communities experience extensive devastation by a hurricane it’s not uncommon to feel small and insignificant. But the Course says, "seek not to change the world, but seek to change your mind about the world"(T. 415). We realized we could best help those effected by the hurricane by observing effective compassion. St. Augustine said, "Love and do what you will." And that was our post-Katrina motto.

For a month after the storm we were living and working together. It was like a commune. People worked together, rested together, helped one another, and did chores together. We shared costs, labor and responsibilities. Our community ‘To Do’s’ was the order of the day. We couldn’t get well water (no electricity). So when the bottled water ran out we convoyed and made store trips for supplies. C–rations were never our thing. We cooked on a camper gas stove, caught catfish from the pond, and improvised on our Cajun recipes. We pooled our automobile trips into town for our supply runs because gas was not available for a week after the storm. Then gas lines were blocks long and the wait for gas took hours. Few stores were open. None had electricity. For several days gas for the cars was not available because there was no electricity for the pumps. Most stores had no electricity so if they were opened at all they could only sell their non-perishable items. There was no refrigeration.

We went back to ‘simple’. We left complex problems to another time when we would have more capable means and we focused and dealt with the basic needs of today and the problems, i.e. hidden-opportunities at hand.

It was like living on an extended camping trip with 20 people. We set up a clothesline amid the trees. We washed dishes and clothes in the pond and bathed there also. We caught fish from the pond. We shopped for supplies together. We did house chores together. We read together. We entertained each other with nightly stories, some of which I image were true. We laughed and cried and talked and smiled. And we did it together. By candlelight we shared with each other from our hearts and soul.

When people went back to their homes in New Orleans we helped each other with the cleaning up. Food in the refrigerators was thrown out – often the whole refrigerator was thrown away. Walls were torn out; carpeting was pulled. Destroyed possessions were trashed. The work to repair and replace and re-inhabit had begun. Food, water, gas, clothes, a place to sleep were everyone’s concern. Those that needed prescription drugs sought suppliers; people joined together in their search.

In our small Miracle’s community we provided shared efforts as well as hope and encouragement. These were components that no bureaucracy could provide. When we could little needs were met and recognition was noted. The sharing and giving was the order of the day. Everything was either love or a call for love; no other alternative was possible. In the midst of the chaos love ran supreme.

It was five weeks after the storm before our Course In Miracles class could get into a new location and restarted. We met at first in a day care center. The Unity Church where we regularly held our Thursday night meetings had been extensively damaged. For 18 years this same Miracles class has met on Thursday nights in Metairie Louisiana. The class members were scattered, several were homeless, and most were disoriented. But we had no ‘victims’ by choice. At the end of chapter 15 the Course says ‘make this year different by making it all the same’. The reference was for a New Year’s resolution. We used it as our post-Katrina resolution for a new beginning. See everything as love or a call for love, and always react the same…with love. We communicated by email and cell phones to find out how everyone in the group was doing, where everyone was, and how we could help.

Visits were made. We updated each other with information and kept every one in our prayers. The hurricanes destruction was broad and deep. Our communities light and love and caring ran broader and deeper.

The images on TV didn’t seem to express the devastation like seeing or smelling it in person. Thousands of homes and office buildings were destroyed. Mold and debris were everywhere. Cars flooded. Boats sank. Pets were lost. Many people died. Fear, doubt, anger and despair were common in the streets. The storm interrupted everyone’s life. It uprooted their sense of normalcy. But as Henri Nouwen, a Yale professor said, "I kept being interrupted in my work until I recognized that the interruptions were my work." Interruptions can be good lessons. They give us helpful guidelines amid the moments of reflection. How can we help? What can we say? What can I do that will make an impact? How would Love see this? And the Spirit answers.

Stores and businesses that served the community worked months to reopen to serve the people. Construction crews came in. Homes began to be rebuilt. Trash was hauled away creating piles of debris that were several stories high. These trash piles seemed to go on for blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks. Labor to restore the community was in flow. Everyday something new or rebuilt or reopened is noticed.

Regardless of this external world, I see peace is at home here. I hear it from the class members and the weekly stories they share. The Course text page 542 says, "God willed he waken gently and with joy, and gave him means to waken without fear." That hasn’t changed. Jesus said on page 193 in the Text, "Teach not that I died in vain. Teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you." The world of sin, death, destruction and fear had no effect on him. That’s how he lived, by canceling the effect of fear. That’s how we are to live and that’s what I see post-Katrina happening today.

As my friend Saul Steinberg, the first printer of the Course, used to say, quoting the Course, "Teach only love, for that is what you are."

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